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I. The rights you shall enjoy when receiving treatment in our hospital are listed as follows: 
(1) You have the right to enjoy medical treatment and preventive healthcare services. 
(2) Your nursing level will be graded according to your state of illness. Once any discomfort or emergent need occurs, you can directly call or inform our medical personnel with a beeper, and we will provide timely medical and nursing services for you. 
(3) You have the right to be informed of the details about your illness, medical measures and medical risks. 
(4) When there's a need for a surgery, a special examination, a special treatment or an application of special expensive medical materials, our medical staff will inform you timely of the medical risks and alternative medical schemes, and get your written approval. You have the right to know details about the proposed surgery, the special examination and the special medical schemes. 
(5) We respect your right of privacy. You can ask our medical staff to keep your illness confidential. And you should notify our medical staff and security personnel if you prefer no visits. 
(6) You can authorize any person with capacity for civil conduct to act as your agent in written form. The authorized agent can exercise the rights to know and choose on behalf of you. 
(7) You have the right to duplicate medical records within the framework of laws and regulations. Our hospital will provide photocopy service for you as per the regulations stipulated in the Regulations on Medical Record Management. If you need photocopies, you should take along your personal identification card to the record room. If you entrust your agent to get photocopies for you, he or she should provide his or her original ID card, your (i.e. the patient’s) original ID cards, and your (i.e. the patient’s) letter of authorization. 
(8) Our hospital will deliver a daily list of hospitalization costs to you. Please do check it carefully, and contact us timely should you have any problem with it. 

II. The obligations for you to fulfill during your treatment in our hospital are listed as follows: 
(1) You must provide real personal information and physical condition, including name, gender, age, ID card number, address, contact details, basic facts about your disease, anamneses, previous diagnoses and treatment, drug allergy history and other relevant details. All these information will be recorded on patients’ information systems, medical records and wrist straps. Confidentiality measures will be taken to protect patients’ information systems and medical records. Patients’ wrist traps will be destroyed when they are discharged from the hospital, thus preventing personal information from being divulged. In the event of any treatment delay, medical expense or dispute caused by patients’ seeking medical advice through utilizing the names of others or patients’ concealing symptoms, the patients shall take the consequences all alone. 
(2) A total of 2 contact numbers should be provided by you and your family members. Please keep your phones available at all times. All consequences caused by wrong contact details or your personal reasons shall be borne by you. 
(3) Doctors will ward round and make treatments at 8:00-9:00 every day. Please stay at the ward to and cooperate with our, follow doctors' advice, and actively comply with treatment. 
(4) During your hospitalization, you are not allowed to visit a doctor out of hospital, purchase medicine, privately invite physicians to hold consultations in our hospital or adopt other medical measures without your attending physician’s permission. Any negative consequences arising from the above-mentioned cases should be borne by you. 
(5) Our hospital will provide services of diagnosis, treatment and nursing in strict accordance with relative stipulations promulgated by Shenzhen social security authority. Drugs, healthcare materials, treatments and inspection items not listed on pharmacy catalogue and accounting catalogue should be at your own expense. Our hospital will strictly comply with the stipulations and charging standards. For your smooth treatment, please pay medical fees without delay, and go through check-out formalities on time as required. 
(6) You and your family members should follow the rules and regulations of our hospital and obey the instructions and arrangements of our medical staff. It is prohibited to browse any case record or any other medical records without authorization. If you want to know about your condition, please inquire your attending physicians or on-duty nurses. To protect patients’ privacy, patients’ conditions will not be disclosed via phone. 
(7) If your illness is diagnosed as notifiable disease, our hospital will transfer you to other authorities as per relevant stipulations. 
(8) Since our hospital is listed as a teaching hospital with teaching tasks in all clinical fields, you are expected to actively coordinate with us in our teaching work. Thank you for your understanding of our clinical teaching work and your vigorous support of our medical talents cultivation. 
(9) Please respect our medical staff’s moral right and right of personality. 
(10) Please do not disclose other patients’ illnesses and privacy. 
(11) Beds in wards may be adjusted based on the overall demand from departments or other special conditions. Your and your family members’ understanding and coordination will be greatly appreciated. 

III. Tips for Inpatients 
(1) After your admission to the hospital, please follow hospital rules, and wear patient gown during your hospitalization. Please keep your inpatient deposit receipt (required at check-out). 
(2) Please prepare articles for daily use by yourself. 
(3) As the ward area is a public place, so please do not take valuable items such as portable computer, cash, credentials and jewelry into it. If you take such things in, please keep them safe. 
(4) In order to ensure your personal security, all ward balconies in the hospital are locked. To guarantee the medical staff’s diagnosis, treatment and nursing, no door to the ward or indoor toilet shall be locked from inside. 
(5) 24-hour hot water is available in the washroom. Please be careful not to get scalded. Boiled water is served to every ward at 07:00 and 15:00 every day. If you need boiled water in any other period, please ask our staff for help. For those who need hot-water bag under special circumstances, please inform nurses and use it according to instructions. 
(6) To facilitate treatment, during your hospitalization, our doctor will arrange proper food and drinks for you based on your condition. Canteen staff will come to your ward between 9:00 and 10:00, and 16:00 and 17:00 every day to help you book meals for the day and next day. If you need to make an order in other period of time, please ask your nurse in charge for help (Tel: 86913333-2157). Moreover, after the meal, please do place your garbage into bins for household refuse. We respect every patient’s religious belief and national customs (such as catering habits and lifestyles). Should you have some particular needs, please inform our medical staff. And we will try our best to satisfy you without impacting our medical care and the treatment of other patients. However, religious rites and other relevant activities are strictly prohibited in the hospital. 
(7) Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. There is central oxygen supply equipment in the ward, for which no spirit stove, or electric facilities such as electric stove and electric cooker, can be used in the ward, otherwise, all resultant undesirable consequences shall be borne by the user. 
(8) To ensure your good rest and no disturbance to others, please try to turn the TV set down. During noon-break time (12:30-14:30) and bedtime (after 22:00), please turn off the TV set and other audio-visual devices, as well as lighting facilities like bedside lamp on time, for the sake of other patients. 
(9) Please take care of public properties. Compensation at full price shall be paid for the damaged public properties of the hospital. Please consciously keep the public places of our hospital clean, and the wards safe and quiet. Also, laundry and dry laundry on clothes lines are not allowed in the hospital. Patient’s clothes should be taken home by families for wash. 

IV. Regulations on Visiting and Leaving
(1) In order to ensure normal treatment and nursing care proceeding, please schedule your visits during 11:30-12:30 at noon and 18:00-20:00 in the afternoon. Otherwise, no visit is allowed. For each visit, no more than 2 people can enter the ward area. If there are more than 2 visitors, the visit shall proceed in batches. Visitors shall first wait outside the ward for their turn. 
(2) In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, visits must sterilize or wash their hands with hand sanitizers both before entering the ward area and after having any contact with the patient. Those who visit the patient in quarantine zones or suffering from infectious diseases such as fever, upper respiratory infection and diarrhea must take proper protective measures according to the instructions of our medical staff. In the event of a patient not suitable for receiving visits, please follow the suggestions made by medical staff and come to visit the patient in due course. In the event of a visitor suffering from infectious diseases such as fever, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, etc, he or she shall not enter the ward area. Preschoolers are not allowed to enter the ward area. Visitors should not sit or sleep on the patient’s bed so as not to affect the patient’s treatment or cause cross infection. 
(3) Once entering the ward area, visitors should keep quiet. Do not talk loudly, or smoke in the hospital. For those who violate the regulations on visiting and do not listen to our dissuasion, security personnel shall have the right to take effective measures to stop such violation. 
(4) To safeguard your medical safety, the Social Security Bureau and our hospital stipulate that inpatients shall stay at the hospital 24 hours a day, and are not permitted to ask for leave from the hospital;. Inpatients accompanied by their families, can take a walk inside the hospital with the permission of the doctor or nurse on duty. In the event of an inpatient’s leaving the ward or the hospital without permission, any subsequent faint, fall, hurt, car accident, or any other sudden illness that could worsen their illness or result in death shall be borne solely by the inpatient. If inpatients leave the hospital without informing our medical staff, we will activate the Emergency Plan for Inpatients Disappearance and may notify the police. For this, we hope to get the inpatients’ understanding and cooperation. 

V. Supervision & Suggestions
(1) As regulated by the hospital, for any staff, asking for or accepting “red envelopes”, gifts and benefits from patients, patients’ families or related institutions is strictly prohibited. Regarding this, we welcome your supervision. Moreover, please do us a favor to sign the agreement on “refusing red envelopes”. 
(2) We have placed a suggestion box in every ward. And we welcome any advice on our work from you and your family, in order to improve our work and services. 
(3) Should you have any complaint or suggestion about our service attitude, medical ethics and practices, treatment and nursing, management, as well logistics service, do not hesitate to contact the Hospital-patient Relation Department so that we can settle the problem through negotiation (Tel: 86913333-3521). 

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